June 17, 2013

Melina by Boxx Cosmetics

We all want more room in our makeup bag/case. While packaging can be so pretty at times, it tends to be quite bulky and takes up so much previous space. Enter Boxx Cosmetics.

They have created this makeup line knowing that women love to carry makeup with them, but also want to carry as little as possible when needed. They sell two cases that you can mix & match your favorite Boxx Cosmetics products in. You can view them here.

Many of their products also do double duty, which makes it that much easier for us to carry less! Bronzer can be doubled as an eyeshadow, lip colour as cheek stain, cream correctors as primer and eyeshadow that can be used wet to be used as liner!

Still not excited? Most of their products are made WITHOUT Parabens, formeldehyde donors, phtalates, gluten and animal derived ingredients. (I believe the only items that have animal derived ingredients are the lip colours)

I had the chance to speak with the founder Sandra. Very nice, down to earth woman. She often gets criticized for not re-touching her images. Most cosmetic companies spend hundreds of hours photoshopping their models (and their appearances), but Sandra doesn't want that, and I say good for her!

I got to test out the Melina Cream Corrector and I must say, I'm in love! Throughout the week I'll show you a few different uses for this cream (one of them a flop, but worth a try!).

Don't be put off by the yellow colour. It's a great brightener (without being shimmery). For this first look, I used it under my eyes to help brighten up my slightly sleepless night due to a wonderful sunburn (that you can clearly see on my face as well). I did not apply foundation.

You can clearly see that my under eye on the left looks a lot brighter and less sunken in.

Melina (and other cream correctors) retail for $24 each.

Stay tuned for Wednesday. I'll post another look using Melina and a bit more information as well. Make sure you follow the blog, you never know when there might be a giveaway...




  1. I think I got this in my glossybox before. It matches your skin color pretty well!

  2. this looks great on you! love that the products are free of all those gross ingredients :)

  3. I've never heard of boxx but it sounds great!