June 19, 2013

Boxx Cosmetics' Melina - Part Deux

Back with another post about Boxx Cosmetics' Cream Corrector in Melina. On Monday I used it as an under eye brightener, this time, I still used it as a brightener, but a little differently. Before I get started on that, let me tell you a little more about the cream correctors.

The cream correctors are available in 6 shades, including a green to help negate redness. They have a
very smooth,creamy formula and a little goes a long way. Each of the cream correctors are formulated without parabens, formeldehyde donors, phtalates, gluten, animal derive ingredients and oils. That's right - no oils. So for those of you that suffer from oily or combination skin, this is great. I personally have combination skin (oily T-Zone) and it worked great.

You may remember the picture I had posted on Monday - I had a lovely sunburn on my face. Well, I decided to use Melina to help negate that redness and brighten up my face a little. Here's the picture I posted:

In the first picture (left), I applied Melina on the red-est spots (forehead, nose, and cheeks). You can actually see the difference between where I applied it and didn't. The next picture (right), I applied foundation to my entire face by using my knock-off Beauty Blender. My face looked flawless, no caking, and most importantly, even and no sunburn!

Since Boxx Cosmetics do not photoshop their photos, I did not touch up the photos at all (usually I would fix the colours/brighten it up to be truer in colour). The picture at the very bottom is just closer to the window for another look.

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One last test coming up on Friday :)




  1. Thanks for the shoutout at the end! :)
    Melina looks great on you!

  2. Wow! You look great! Great idea with the blender!

  3. You're so pretty! I have to pick up a beauty blender... It's great this worked with sunburns. I don't get sunburns but I feel like they would be very painful to wear makeup on top of?


  4. wow ! you have such a beautiful eyes!!