June 15, 2013

June Ipsy

With the sneak peeks of June's Ipsy bag, I was super excited to receive it. June is my birthday month, and the leopard print bag was perfect for me!

Pssssst! Dry shampoo - I have 3 other dry shampoos. I rarely use these, but they do come
in handy once in a while.  Travel size approx $3.50

J. Cat Sparkling Cream Palette - Cream glitter. Seriously? Everyone got this, and I'm going to guess that about 75% of ipsy's population is above 16. This will either be swapped or used for Halloween.  Full size approx $4.49

Starlooks Lip Liner in Tipsy - This is the colour that many people have been talking about. It's a very nice, light/medium matte pink. It is super smooth!  It did show up quite pink on me. Not used to it. Picture on Instagram . Full size approx $12

NYX Mosaic Powder in Dare - This is considered a blush, but I'm seeing some bronze in there. I have a feeling that this will be perfect for summer. Quite happy with this shade.  Full Size approx $7

Cailyn Line-Fix in Purple - This was one of the two products that we were not "guaranteed" to get. We were receiving two random products out of four items (Psssst!, Cailyn, false lashes or a highlighter pencil). I was super excited when I seen this in my bag!  And it's in purple! I use gel/cream eyeliners almost daily but usually just stick with black & brown. So this is a very welcome product! Full size approx $21

I paid $15.90 (shipping, etc)
Approximate bag total: $47.99 + cute leopard print bag

If you would like to subscribe to this monthly beauty subscription (that I am honestly completely in love with!), you can use my link: Subscribe to Ipsy

Don't forget, 3 more days until my Birthday Giveaway




  1. yea that cream glitter is pretty darn weird..... lol but it think gel eyeliner looks awesome!

  2. I'm really impressed by this ipsy bag (except the cream glitter...) I am considering subbing but it may wait a couple months as I've been making a lot of makeup purchases lately!