June 08, 2013

BA Star with Glitter and Base

Regardless of age, everyone has at least a tiny soft part for glitter. I know I'm definitely a sucker for a bit of glitter, even though may not wear it on my face very often.

BA Star has marketed their cosmetics, and especially their glitter, to cheerleaders, dancers, and performers of all categories. I think that it's awesome that they targeted a niche market like this. Now, just because that's who their target demographic is, doesn't mean that the rest of us glitter lovers can't enjoy some great products.

I was offered the opportunity to test two of their products and I gladly put them to the test.

The Base: Body Shimmer Base.

The Packaging doesn't say anything about it being eye safe, and the name implies that the product be used for the face, however when I contacted a representative, I was informed that yes indeed it is eye safe. (the person did also let me know that "ingredients are listed on the product page on BASTAR.com." That comment was almost implying that I should have done my research, however lets face it, researching every product if you're not familiar with it takes a long time)

It comes in a clear tube with an easy to use doe foot applicator. The base itself is white, but is clear once blended out. After just a few seconds, it feels slightly tacky (not sticky). But once it had completely dried on my hand, my hand felt nice and smooth. It doesn't feel like I need to wash gunk off my hand either.

The Glitter: Holo Silver Glitter

This comes in a small pot, about .5oz which is quite enough (maybe even enough to cover an entire face? haha). While it is easy to grab product, it doesn't have a sifter which can make it a little messy when opening. During transit, something may have been loose as I had lots of glitter in the little bag it came in.

This is a very nice holo. It's not dull by any means and sparkles like a dream. The glitter is also very fine and personally does not irritate.


I first tested them together on the back of my hand. While the base was still wet/tacky, I dabbed on the glitter using my fingers. The glitter held very well to the base! So well that it did not fall off when I "flicked" it.

Now, since the base is apparently sweat proof (and the back of my hand doesn't sweat), I decided to run my hand under water to see how long it would take. It took about 2 minutes of cold/warm water running directly on the spot before it started to wash off (without any rubbing). I decided to fully wash it off and it came off easily without makeup remover or soap. Now, unless you have a hose, I'm sure the base and glitter wont come off as easily when applied to the face. 


BA Star's Holo glitter isn't my first holo glitter. In fact, I also have one by Make Up For Ever. Looking at them side by side, MUFE's does look a little bit more resilient, however I think that it may just be the packaging. Once splattered loosely on a page on my desk, you can't tell the difference.  Even while on the glitter base, you can't tell the difference.

Here's a simple look I did using the BA Star's Body Shimmer Base and the Holo Glitter. On the right (pic would be left I guess) eye I used a small angle brush to apply the base then a thin liner brush to apply the glitter over top. I found this method to be a little tricky and had lots of fallout. My left eye, I decided to dip my brush into the base, then the glitter then I applied it to my eye. While it seems like I had to repeat this quite often, it did prove less messy than the other method. 

Overall, the price is much better than MUFE or some other companies out there ($8.75 for 0.5oz, MUFE $20 for 0.14oz), however I do find the glitter selection a little lacking compared to some of these other companies. Also, the glitter base isn't really convenient for a small application like this. I would like to see this a lot thinner, easier to apply, however it's meant to be over the top, with lots of glitter, so the base does work for that. 

You can purchase BA Star at  http://bastar.com and use code BBGLITZ for 50% off (I believe this is for glitter & the base only)

Do you like wearing glitter or do you stay away from it? Leave a comment!


These products were sent for consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Great review Sam! I loved the simple look you created with it! I am going to have to try that out sometime it looks simple yet cute!

    I think the company should have really and truly have been happy to share with you and information you were after. Kinda stinky of them to imply you do your own research ... There is sometimes only so much you can take the time to look up!

  2. Not really impressed by their attitude when you asked questions, but this glitter is so pretty and I love the look you did. Not sure many people would be able to manage that application though, seems easier for bigger areas.