May 27, 2016

My fav brushes: Sigma

Sigma Brushes

Whether you're a professional makeup artist or just a at-home makeup enthusiast, you're only as good as your brush.Not only do you need the right brush for the right job, but the quality of the brush makes a huge difference as well.

Last year, while shopping at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, I had purchased some brushes from the Sigma store. I have also recently received a Sigma brush from Nail Polish Canada.

Since getting my hands on the Sigma brushes, they have been my go-to. And now that they're available through a Canadian retailer, it's just that much easier to get my hands on!

Why Sigma brushes?

Sigma Brushes

I'm sure you've heard about Sigma brushes through various online channels. And you've probably also wondered what makes them so special. Let me fill you in a bit:

- Founded by a husband & wife team, with a background in engineering and research
- Majority of the brushes are made with a synthetic fiber (Sigmax & SigmaTech). These fibers are specially engineered to hold almost no moisture, so they're perfect for powders, liquids and creams alike. They're also hypoallergenic and hand crafted
- The handles are made of a lightweight and high-resistance wood from renewable sources. They also receive 8 coats of paint to keep it shiny and scratch resistant
- The ferrules (the part that connects the fibers to the handle) is made from a special patent alloy that provides maximum durability. It's stronger than your typical aluminum or plastic ferrules and is wear, antimicrobial and corrosion resistant
- They hold their shape better that many brushes on the market
- Take forever to shed (8 months and several washes later, still haven't had one shed)

Sigma Brush E39
E39 - Buff and Blend

Somehow, I ended up with several blending brushes (which I love!), a contour brush, an eyeshadow brush and a stippling brush.

E54 - Medium Sweeper

Sigma Brush E54

This brush is great for precise eyeshadow placement. It has dense (yet soft) hair that's about medium width and it's great for picking up powder or cream shadows.

Sigma Brush E54 E30

E30 - Pencil

Sigma Brush E30

If you're looking for a brush for a good cut crease or to blend along your lashline, this is your brush.

E45 - Small Tapered Blending

Sigma Brush E45

Use this brush after the E30 to blend out that cut crease a bit or use it on it's own to apply and blend colour to your crease. This soft brush will help apply colour and create dimension

Sigma Brush E45

E39 - Buff and Blend

Sigma Brush E39

Having a hard time blending out a harsh line? The E39's dense hair will tackle those lines and diffuse them for a flawless finish.

E25 - Blending

Sigma Brush E25

A great brush for blending colours together on the lid or to soften harsh lines (note: it won't diffuse those lines as much as the E39)

Sigma Brush E25

E40 - Tapered Blending

Sigma Brush E40

Used once again for blending the crease, it'll lightly soften any lines. Great brush for highlighting the brow bone

Sigma Brush E40

F05 - Small Contour

Sigma Brush F05

My go-to brush for contouring below my cheekbones or applying bronzer. Super soft, picks up colour and is the perfect size

Sigma Brush F05

F50 - Duo Fibre

Sigma Brush F50

This duo fibre brush has a flat top and helps to create that airbrushed look using your liquids, creams or powders.

Sigma Brush 50

Without any questions, my favourites are the E25, E39 and F05. I've been reaching for these brushes on an almost daily basis since I've gotten them and the two eye brushes have forever changed my eye game. My goal is to somehow own all of the Sigma brushes.

In case you're wondering, Nail Polish Canada offers free shipping on just about all of the individual brushes, and if you buy a set, it meets the free shipping criteria anyways!

Have you tried Sigma yet?

*E39 was sent for consideration, all others were purchased be me


  1. Loooooove my E40! it's my #1. My first step for ANY eye look.

    1. I haven't been able to get into that brush. The E25 is my fave. I may have to change up how I do things and maybe the E40 will grow on me.

  2. I want to try at least one of the Sigma brushes. Heard a lot of good opinion on these!


  3. The Sigma brushes are some of the best in the market! They've become a little pricey over the last couple of years, but I remembered when they first launched and the brush set only costed $69! Glad they are available in Canada now too!

    Stephanie | theFantasia.com

  4. I've heard really great things about Sigma brushes but have yet to try them out for myself!

  5. That duo fiber F50 brush has been sitting on my wishlist for a while

  6. E30 looks great! Glad to know they are sold through NPC now!