May 01, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Through thick or thin, mom's been there for us. Whether it's your biological mother, step mom, adoptive mother or another woman in your life that's been a mom-like figure to you, Mother's Day is the time of year where we show our appreciation for all the crap we've put them through. You may not have realized it then, but ask her about it; she'll tell you about your attitude problem when you hit puberty or the stress you you caused her when you didn't leave notes saying where you were going or when you were going to be back.

Need a little inspiration and gift ideas?  Take a look.

Treat her to a spa day

Credit: Euromedspa.com

Every lady loves to get pampered. Whether that's a massage or getting our nails done, this is also a great option. If you're not sure what she prefers to have done, get her a gift certificate. You can make it extra special by making it a "Mother/Daughter day" and get your nails done together.

Don't have a budget that allows for spa treatments?

Bring the spa home! Massage Therapists love the Bon Vital line and you can now pick up some items at your local Shoppers Drug Mart (I was told they'd hit the stores May 23rd, however I already spotted them at my local SDM last week). BV Spa by Bon Vital currently has 4 items available at SDM :Salt Scrub, Sugar Scrub, Body Lotion and Bod Butter. In scents like Pomegranate & A├žai Berry, Lavender & Rosemary and Pink Grapefruit, there's something to please everyone while keeping skin soft and moisturized.

Buy her a plant

Succulent Zen Oasis, Credit: flowertowne.ca

Forget the regular bouquet of flowers that only last a week if you're lucky. Get mom a potted plant instead. Something like a dish of succulents that she can enjoy at her office as well or a nice hanging air plant. Want a bit more colour? Go for orchids. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, orchids are beautiful plants that add a pop of colour and  sophistication.

Mom doesn't have a green thumb?

Is she like me and loves orchids but can't keep them alive (true story)?  Demeter's got you covered! Demeter Fragrance Library has released a limited edition Orchid Collection of cologne sprays. Mom can enjoy the smell of orchids without worrying if she's going to kill them! These sprays can be purchased in a variety of sizes (from a .10oz vial sampler to a 4oz bottle) and are also available in 2 different sets. You can choose the set of three, as shown above, or a sample set of all 5 in easy-to-carry vials. The label on the bottles are different than the standard labels that we're used to seeing from Demeter. Full images of the orchid that is showcased in that bottle wraps around the front and the sides of the bottle to give a visual aspect to them. Appealing to both the nose and the eyes (and the picture will never wilt!)

Relax with tea and a good book

Credit: David's Tea

If your mom's the type of person who likes to relax at the end of the day with a good book and a cup of tea, you should head over to David's Tea to pick up on of their tea sampler boxes. Their Breakfast Collection and Sweet Indulgence each contain 12 samples of teas for mom to explore. If you're more familiar with mom's favourite types of teas, head into their store and create your own little sample box. They have a few different box sizes to choose from and a select number of teas in the small tins.

For the book, unless she's specifically said that she wants a specific book, get her a gift card to Indigo so she can pick her own book.

Enjoys skin care

credit: L'occitane en provence

If your mom enjoys a variety of skin care (face, bath, body), head over to L'Occitane en Provence. They have lots of options and some gift packs available. An option that my mom personally loves (and I can't blame her!) is the Almond collection. Other favourites are the Immortelle collection and their ever-so-popular hand creams.

Do her a favour

Of course, if you're low on cash and really want to wow her, create some personalized favour cards. Include things like : clean the kitchen, take the car to the car wash, cook dinner, dust the living room, enjoy a quiet day just the two of you (no tv!), etc.  Things that you don't always do for her and you know that she'd appreciate.  You can head to your local craft store to pick up some items, but you'll have most things at home: paper, pen/marker, scissors, stapler (if you want to staple them together to make a little booklet). This can easily be tailored to anyone's age.

Remember, it's the small things that count. Making a little effort and reminding her that you care and are thankful for all she's done over the years,will make her happy.

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  1. Ohh I love the last idea, I usually always give flowers or a David's Tea kit. I think my mom would love flowers with a few favour cards!