October 16, 2015

October Nail Art Challenge Day 6: Gradient

I've had a grand vision of a beautiful black and gold gradient, sparkling in the light, capturing everyone's attention as they oooh'd and ahhh'd over my nails...
That wasn't the case. I instead opted for a lovely black and silver duo and just had to use my new Eat.Sleep.Polish. stencils to create a double gradient.

I really should have just stuck with the single gradient.

While it turned out alright for my first time, there's a few things I wish turned out better. For one, I don't know if it was my choice in colours (cream and metallic) or my technique, but it didn't always blend so well. Also, I should have waited a full day between putting my base and the vinyl stencils. They ended up peeling some polish off two of the nails from my right hand. You can see that I actually gave up midway.

So, lesson learned: take my time when working with stencils, and maybe try an overlay when mixing polish finishes. Might turn our better.

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