October 14, 2015

October Nail Art Challenge Day 4: Abstract/Geometrical

I was not too pleased with the person who picked this category (oops, that was me!). I had such a hard time. When I finally figured what I was going to do, I realized that my good stamper was missing. Back to the drawing board!

I finally decided to take a little inspiration from a very well known Halloween candy: Candy Corn.

- essence Wild White Ways
- China Glaze Orange Knockout
- Revlon Colorstay Casino Lights

Using a combination of white, yellow and orange, along with some washi tape (because I was too lazy to take out my striping tape), I created a geometrical manicure.

Don't forget, there's still 4 days of themes if you wish to participate!


  1. I love the colour combo and the bold colour blocks.

  2. I like the colour blocking.
    You're right that today's theme could have so many interpretations. Almost more than any other day.

  3. The candy corn colours work so well for colour blocking (I so would have used this for orange day though, abstract/geo is easier)