May 17, 2015

First look: essence cosmetics Spring/Summer 2015

The trees are budding, tulips are sprouting and new beauty collections are being revealed. It must be spring!

Whenever I'm in a Shoppers, I always take a look at the Essence display. It's so colourful and offers a variety of products. One of the great things about Essence, is that everything is very wallet-friendly. Coming in at less than $5 per item, you can try a new lipstick shade or nail polish without having buyers remorse afterwards.

There's a real castle in Toronto!

I had the opportunity to go to Casa Loma in Toronto (a real castle) to get a first-look at Essence cosmetics' upcoming new release for Spring/Summer 2015, and can't wait to show them to you!

Here's a look at a few of my favourites.

Longlasting Lipstick


top to bottom: Get the Look, Oh So Matt, I Am Yours!, On the Catwalk

The case for these long-lasting lipsticks can easily rival those of the higher end brands. Its sleek black exterior with a band of colour that matches the lipstick gives it that high-end feel. The packaging makes it something you'd like to have on display while still easily being able to find the colour you want. The creamy formula delivers a lovely colour pay-off and lasts for several hours (constant drinking or eating will alter the length of time). Coming in at approx. $3.49 per lipstick, these are my go-to when I want to try a new colour that I'm really not sure about. Five new colours are coming out! I already owned 5, received 4 new ones (not all new to the collection, one duplicate), and since my holder has enough space for 9, I bought an extra one! (yes, I have many lipsticks, so many that I often don't even use them right away *sad face* )

Top left to right: On the Catwalk, Adorable Matt!, Coral Calling, Get the Look, Wear Berries, I Am Yours!, Oh So Matt!, Barely There! and Natural Beauty

Clockwise from top: Wear Berries, Get the Look!, Natural Beauty, Barely There, Oh So Matt!, Coral Calling, Adorable Matt!, On the Catwalk, I am Yours!

XXXL Shine Lipgloss

Simple packaging that allows you to easily find the colour you want, this lipgloss with a paddle applicator has decent colour pay off with no stickyness. Fabulous Fushia is a little more on a redish berry side, meanwhie Cute Pink has a barely there pink tint to it with quite a bit of sparkle. Both have a lovely fruity scent and doesn't taste bad either.

 Smokey Eyes Set


Perfect for on the go, or transforming your day look to night, Essnece has released two smokey eye sets: Smokey Day (browns) and Smokey Night (grey/black). Both have pretty good colour pay off, a sponge applicator and mini instructions on the back. The black has a bit of glitter to it, but doesn't seem to produce fall-out. I'd prefer if the dark brown was the lower pan like the black.

Lash Princess Mascara

 This has got to be my favourite mascara from the Essence family so far! The formula is great; it's not drying/flaking or clumping. The wand's handle has a rubber design for better grip, which means that I have no reason to throw my mascara and pain the baseboards (true story). The wand itself has an interesting design as well.I find it makes precision a little easier when you just need to do a certain spot.

Shake Me! I'm Pretty Top Coat

Shake this thin top coat to mix the holographic glitter within to add a little something extra to your manicures. Because of the consistency of the liquid, the glitter falls to the bottom in little time, so you do have to mix it every couple of nails if you want as much glitter as you can get. Even freshly shaken, the glitter on your nails is very minimal, but I like this regardless! It adds a subtle glitter, and sometimes that's all a girl wants!

Gel Look Plumping Top Coat

Get the look of gel nails without the price tag with this Gel Look Plumping Top Coat. While I'm not sure if the "plumping" portion if it is just that it's thick (not goopy) this does deliver high shine and seemed to have smoothed out any polish-imperfections. While I can't attest to it's durability yet (still working on that), this top coat will be making a regular appearance on my nails!

On top of these, they have also released a few extra Metal Glam eyeshadows, 3D eyeshadows, sharpeners, a plump no clump mascara a 2 in 1 eyeliner pen and some nail polish colours.

Stay tuned for swatches and a possible giveaway!


  1. My god... your photography of those lipsticks is gorrrrgeous!

    1. Thanks Chelle! I had some gorgeous subjects! :)