May 05, 2015

Born Pretty Store: Part 1 - Stamper

When you want to spruce up a boring manicure, there's nothing easier than stamping. Even the simplest of designs can bring a manicure back to life.

Born Pretty Store contacted me and gave me the opportunity to do just that.

I selected a stamping plate, polish and stamper & scraper. This is the review for the stamper & scraper. To see the final design, please see the stamping plate review.

The stamper I chose was a rectangular one that's a lot squishier than the small round firm ones that came from a small set I received in the past. After several attempts at priming my stamper (this involves an emery board - many tutorials on youtube), I finally got it to pick up the images decently. I didn't care much for the scraper. It wont scratch your plates, but I'd rather just use an old gift card.

The shape and squishyness allows a nice wrap around your nail without compromising the image and is great for those with longer nails (works on my shorter, stubbier nails too!)

Unfortunately, even at a price point of $4.50CAD, this isn't exactly a stamper for beginners. I would have preferred more solid, crisp pictures. Instead it took priming and left me with something to desire for the transfer.

Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping (see website for details) and offer many nail art tools, jewelry, phone accessories and much more, all at very reasonable prices. Use code GB10K31 for 10% off your order!

(Items provided for review. All opinions are my own)

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