May 05, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review : Part 2 - Stamping Polish

When you want to spruce up a boring manicure, there's nothing easier than stamping. Even the simplest of designs can bring a manicure back to life.

Born Pretty Store contacted me and gave me the opportunity to do just that.

I selected a stamping plate, polish and stamper & scraper. This is the review for the stamping polish. To see the final design, please see the stamping plate review.

Part of stamping, is using what is commonly referred to as stamping polish. 

Just above the pink, you can see the stamping polish black
I wasn't sure what to expect from the stamping polish since I've never tried one. I've only used regular polishes. What made it so special?  It's black. A real black. Like ink. It wasn't a faded black like my normal polish.  The other huge difference I noticed is how messy this polish can get - again, similar to ink. I only have an acetone based nail polish remover which removed most of the polish, but smeared some of it around too, which means I got some on my hands as well, and that wouldn't come off. Unless I used soap & water. Nothing fancy. Just soap and water.

Even after waiting several minutes for the stamping polish to dry (it really only takes less than a minute), applying a topcoat smeared the design a little :(  Make sure to apply a very thin coat first. Even then, it could smudge a little.
Left has no top coat, right has a normal coat of top coat

Born Pretty Store has a few other stamping polishes that I'd like to try out before making a solid conclusion on this one, since it's my first stamping polish, but I love the pigment.

Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping (see website for details) and offer many nail art tools, jewelry, phone accessories and much more, all at very reasonable prices. Use code GB10K31 for 10% off your order!

(Items were provided for review. All opinions are my own)

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