March 15, 2015

First Impression: Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature

I was lucky to be invited to a little event held by Blush Pretty where I was able to sit down with a small group to meet and discuss with Graydon Moffat, the founder and creator of Clinical Luxury by Nature, a Canadian based skincare company.

Speaking with Graydon was very refreshing. She was down to earth and very genuine and passionate about what she does. She explained to us her love for the culinary arts and yoga. After spending hours at drugstores looking at the ingredient listed on products and trying to understand them, she felt the need to take things into her own hands.  She took her loves and created something beneficial, yet healthy that everyone can use. After all, she believes that what goes on our skin, goes in our skin.

Various creams

The ingredients used are all natural and when possible, organic. Some of her favourite ingredients include broccoli seed oil and berry see oils.

Clinical Luxury features products for your hair, face and body, plus a few oil blends and mists. I was fortunate enough to be able to test a few things and everything that I tested smelled amazing. No fake smells, no perfumes that made you want to gag. Just pure, real, refreshing bliss.
Real Ingredients

Marked on the bottle of all full-size products, is what the item is used for and a complete ingredient list that anyone can read, no P.h.D. required!
Our little goody boxes

I was given a few samples to try out and I also purchased a few items. Full reviews will come at a later time.

Overall, I'm very happy that I was introduced to this lovely lady and her company. I expect a lovely relationship between myself and her products in the future.

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  1. I'm sorry I missed this. It sounds like some amazing skincare!