October 08, 2014

Review & Swatches: Inglot Haul (Part 2)

So you've checked out my latest blush crush, learned about the Freedom System palettes, how to work them and now you want to see the good stuff: what goes in them!

If you haven't already, check out my experience at the Inglot Toronto store and my Haul Review Part One.


The 4 lipstick squares are: 521 (matte), 16, 89 and 52
$10 for 1.8g

Lipstick: 239
$15 for 4.5g

All the lipsticks (to the exception of the matte lip square), apply slightly creamy and leave my lips feeling a little dry (but not chappy) within about 2 hours. The matte one doesn't really apply creamy and is much more drying. They also all have a lovely fruity smell that disappears shortly after application.

They are all very pigmented and last on average 5 hours (1 bagel & 2 teas during that time) before re-application is required. 
521 & 16

You need a lip brush for the lip squares (I like using my Real Techniques Detailer Brush), which may seem annoying, but it does offer greater precision and allows you to apply different colours should you wish to do a gradient effect.

71, 239, 52, 16, 89, 521 - sunlight

239 lipstick: a beautiful pink with a tiny hint of coral
52 lipsquare: light bubblegum pink
16 lipsquare: somewhere between a magenta & fuschia pink
89 lipsquare: bright purple with lilac undertones
521 lipsquare (matte): a deep red-violet





89 over 521

Sleeks VLC Lipgloss


Sleeks VLC Lipgloss: 71
$14 for 5.5ml

The gloss comes packaged as what is best described as a plastic medical test tube. It's cute, but doesn't like to stay in my pocket. The applicator is just your typical doe-foot. The gloss itself is not overly thick (nor is it too thin), and has medium coverage. Compared to the lipsticks, this does not smell fruity, but instead smells more like vanilla. It's not overpowering. The Sleeks VLC is supposed to be a plumping gloss without the use of irritants like cinnamon or capsicum, which is great for those who are sensitive to these ingredients. However, I haven't noticed any plumping.

71 is a light shimmery pink (swatch above)


AMC Eyeliner Gel

82, 77, 87

$16 for 5.5g
Packaged in a sturdy plastic jar with screw cap

These beauties are even better looking in person. Currently available in 16 colours, ranging from black to red to purple, these are super pigmented, matte, and long lasting. While these are gels, they do feel more like creams and can easily be used all over your lid as a base. Once they dry (fully dry in less than a minute), they are not going anywhere.

77, 87, 82

Only the black has transferred a little on me (I have hooded lids & have never met a liner that doesn't transfer even a little). And while very pigmented, I need to apply two coats of the purple. I feel like it's too gel-like; if I have to go back to fix or define my line, it'll take product away. Best to wait until it dries a bit then go for your second coat.

AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow & Duraline

AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in 35 & Duraline
Pigment: $18 for 2g
Packaged in a very sturdy plastic jar with screw cap

Duraline: $12 for 9ml
Packaged in a small glass bottle with a dropper. 

Duraline is a liquid that will transform any loose or pressed eye shadow into liquid form. This is slightly thicker than water and is supposed to ensure that the colour will resist smudging, fading or creasing. Tested it with my leopard spots for a girls' weekend and while it did intensify the colour, it was smudging and fading a little after a few hours out in the sun. In its defense, I'm pretty sure I accidentally rubbed it a few times.

Pigment & Duraline at the top & the line, pigment alone blended out on the bottom.
Different angles to show the colours of the pigment

The Pure Pigment Eye Shadow may look clumpy, but applies very smoothly. Like all loose powders, expect some fallout. While this looks very purple in the jar, the dominant colour is actually gold and you only see the purple in certain light. This is also a more shimmery than I had expected. It'll be great combined with Duraline as a liner!


Solid colour: $10 for 2.5g
Rainbow: $12 for 2.5g

Shadows are buttery smooth, pigmented and come in what seems like an endless array of colours. I choose colours that I don't have and may not be able to find very easily (except for the neutrals & greys - I just needed them).

natural sunlight, bare skin

natural sunlight, bare skin

natural sunlight. The middle shade in 116 is almost identical to my skin tone. Bare skin


Here are two looks that I did using the Inglot eyeshadows.

- 504DS all over lid
- Darkest colour from 107R in the crease & the middle colour to help blend it out
- Gel Liner in 77
- Sleeks VLC Lipgloss in 71

- 366M all over lid
- 338M in outer V
- Gel Liner in 77

So there it is. My entire Inglot haul that blew my budget. Honestly, it was completely worth it.


  1. sooo many amazing goodies! that sparkly purple eyeshadow and the first lipstick you swatched on your lips are my favourite!

  2. Hey babes - i'm nominating you with the One Lovely Blog award! All the details can be found here http://blog.mirandaloves.com/2014/10/one-lovely-blog-award.html - check it out and I hope you'll do it so I can learn more about you! It's a great way to get the word around for other blogs too (including your own)!

  3. Wow what an ammmazing haul! Love the lip swatches. The plum colors are so gorgeous.

    Would love if you check out my blog! Just followed you on twitter and instagram :)
    Raincouver Beauty