August 10, 2014

The best clean your face will ever have, without using harsh exfoliators!

We all have our own routines when it comes to prepping our face for the day or taking it all off at night before bed. Most remove makeup, clean and maybe use a toner, followed by an array of serums, creams and moisturizers. Perhaps a few times a week you'll use an exfoliating scrub on your face. No amount of regular cleansing feels as good or as clean as an exfoliator, but we know that it's a little too harsh to do everyday.

Enter the Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge. This sponge, available in Sensitive Skin or Deep Cleaning, is made with Konjac vegetable fibres. Konjac is a plant that grows in Asia that is often used in foods and is very popular in Korean "facial massage accessories". Luckily for those of us living in Canada (and the United States I'm sure!), Ecotools has seen this trend and brought it over to us!

What is it?
The new unique Pure Complexion Facial Sponge is handmade with 100 percent natural ingredients, including Konjac* vegetable fiber, for a better clean that reveals smooth, refreshed skin. It is dermatologist tested for use both morning and night to wash away dirt, oil and makeup, leaving skin glowing without over-drying or causing redness.
* Konjac is a highly renewable root plant indigenous to Asia. It’s traditionally used as a detoxifying dietary staple and as a naturally exfoliating sponge for delicate skin by the Japanese. 

Upon opening the box, you wonder how a piece of styrofoam is going to clean your face. That's what it almost feels like at first. It's not squishy by any means. Then you submerse it in water for a few minutes and it starts to swell, get squishy and even feel a little jiggly. Something about holding this when it's full of water makes you feel like a kid again.

Wet your face, dab a bit of your everyday gentle cleanser, then use the Pure Complexion Facial Sponge in circular motions on your face to spread your cleanser and do it's thing: clean. It's not harsh at all. Actually, it feels a bit like a massage. The tear drop shape of the sponge allows you to easily get every part of your face with little effort.

The end result is a great deep clean without the harshness of an exfoliator. The sponge is efficient yet soft enough to be used on a daily basis. Each sponge can last up to 3 months and comes at a very wallet friendly price of $11.99. The Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge can be found at select Pharmasave, Uniprix, Brunet and Farleyco.ca

PS: If you have a kid that doesn't like to wash his or her face, give them this. I'm sure they'll love washing their face afterwards! (or maybe they'll just play with the sponge...)

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