August 05, 2014

Review: Too Faced Bullet Proof Brows

Summer makeup is generally light and breathable. Something that can withstand the heat and humidity. With the recent weather we've been having here in southern Ontario, 30C feels like 40C with humidity (86F feels like 104F), I've been putting my makeup to the test.

There's been a few days where I've decided to go with the bare essentials - liner, mascara and brows. Doing my brows is something still fairly new to me since I have lots of them, however I've noticed the difference it makes and have added it to my routine. I started with a pencil, however really didn't like 1) the colour 2) how often I had to sharpen it 3) general application - it just didn't seem right. I'm weird, aware of that. 

After reading about several products online, I decided on the Too Faced Bulletproof Brows, which if you remember, I purchased as part of my birthday gifts to myself!

What is it?
This groundbreaking brow definer is a powder, gel, pencil and setting wax all-in-one cashmere clay formula. It’s the only brow product you’ll ever need. Bulletproof Brow includes a mirror and our dual-sided angled and spooley brush for precise application. In just 60 seconds, color locks down for 24-hour, waterproof, smudge-proof, budge-proof Bulletproof Brows!

That description cannot be beat. It truly is an all-in-one formula. It's precise, easy to work with, soft, but not messy, and truly does act like a setting wax.

The past few days have been a true test of the Bulletproof Brows' staying power. Not only did my brows look good upon application, but then looked great throughout the day and didn't budge until I told them to (ok, I used makeup remover). They survived a day of cleaning the house (no AC), doing things around the flower bed and then a little cooking on the BBQ.
bare brows - some shape, a little messy

The colour I purchased was Universal Taupe. I could have down the Universal Brown, however I felt that the taupe was a little more natural on me as I didn't want bold brows (remember, I'm still somewhat new to filling them in!). My natural hair colour also has a bit of blond and red highlights in it, so it works best.
brows done with Too Faced Bulletproof Brows - cleaned up,
light definition, more put together, but still natural looking

It comes with a dual-ended brush & spooly, great for application and to smooth things out. You do need to clean the brush every few days so it doesn't get too stiff. After all, this is a clay formula.

Speaking of it being a clay formula, I did find myself needing to dip my brush back into the pot a few times to get good coverage, which is a little annoying. The picture is after a bout a month and a half of usage. I feel like it wont take long for me to hit pan. Let's see if it'll last until Christmas!

While I haven't tried enough brow products to say that this is a holy grail or anything, it is pretty good. As I mentioned, it wears great, holds up against the day's heat (get oily t-zone) however it's gone down quickly which makes me wonder if the price tag of $38 is worth it.

I'll update you with how long this lasts. What do you like using for your brows?

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