September 10, 2013

Diamond Stardust - BA Star

I received yet another item from BA Star cosmetics to review. If you've missed my last post on their glitter, you can view it here.

This time, I received their Body Shimmer Base and Stardust in "Diamond". My previous post talks about the Body Shimmer Base, so I wont really go into details about that.

The Stardust is available in 9 colours (browns, golds, silver-ish and pink/purple). I would love to see some fun colours (blue, greens, red, etc). It's not gritty at all. It's actually quite smooth.  Applied alone, it doesn't have much intensity, however it does add some nice shimmer for that diamond skin look. When you rub it into your skin, it reminds me of what I was expecting the vampires from Twilight to look like (a soft, subtle shimmer - not a full out in your face diamond skin!)

Used with the Body Shimmer Base and it becomes much more intense. It leans a little more on the silver side.

I wasn't able to test this out for a look as I unfortunately had pink eye and I didn't want to risk contaminating any of my makeup. I'd imagine this specific colour would be great for the inner eye (can create the illusion of having bigger/wider eyes), more blended out (no base), might work for a brow highlighter (for a dramatic look),  or using it full on the eye lid for a night out.

For now, I leave you with these pictures.

Swatched: over NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk, NYX Jumbo pencil in Black Bean, on bare skin, using Shimmer Body Base

As I've mentioned before, BA Star caters to the cheerleader, gymnast and dance demographic, however the rest of the world can greatly enjoy these products as well.

The stardust is $8.95 each and the base is $8.75.  HOWEVER, for a limited time, you can use code BBDUST for 50% off (until September 30, and I believe only on the stardust). Visit bastar.com to purchase



(P.S. - with summer coming to an end, posts will be more regular)

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