September 17, 2013

August Empties

Finally getting around to putting up my August empties post.

Clear Scalp & Hair Conditioner: I'm not sure how I ended up with only the conditioner, but I
am in love with the smell of this stuff! My hair feels great afterwards too. Since I'm not picky on my shampoo & conditioner, I tend to grab whatever's on sale (within certain brands). So unless this comes on sale, I may not purchase.

Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream: This cream is supposed to adjust to you skin tone. It came out very liquidy (even after a good shake) and almost a taupe colour. I washed it off my face after 5 minutes of it not "adjusting" to my skin. Maybe it was a bad batch?  Would not repurchase.

Vasanti BrightenUp! : I used to really like it. Now however, I think I'm getting tired of it. It's so small and gritty. I used a different one recently and I can really tell the difference. I'll use up what I have left (2-3 more little tubes) and that's it. It's ok, but not worth it. Would not repurchase.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 (Dry combination): I find it smells strongly of alcohol, so be careful around the eyes. Overall, it's not bad. But for $16, I can find something cheaper that'll be just as good at Shoppers. (However maybe during GWP I might consider it)

Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent: Ok, but not my favorite. Needed a little of rubbing, which I don't like doing to my eyes. I wouldn't pass on another sample size, but I would not repurchase.

Urban Decay Naked Foundation in 2.0: Light, easy to blend, and the colour was dead on. I'm not quite sure if it beats my favorite Clinique foundation though. I think I'd have to try it a little longer to truly know. I may repurchase.

Figs & Rouge Balm: I loved this at first. It's a peppermint & tea tree lip, face & body balm. It smells amazing (I love the smell of tea tree). I didn't like the idea of using it on my lips and my body, so I used it for my lips only. It didn't help much with chapping. It's maybe half way done, and it has a horrible play doh like smell. Would not repurchase.

Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara: While I had to through this out because I had pink eye, I didn't like it - at all. Maybe the full size is better, but this didn't have threading to screw the brush/handle back on. It just had little zig-zag like teeth so it wasn't very secure against bacteria. The brush was a plastic brush, with absolutely no shape to it. I didn't care for any of it. Would not purchase.

Neutrogena All-in-one Make-up Removing Cleansing Wipes: I don't use wipes in place of washing my face. But it's nice for those nights when you just want to go to bed and the process of taking off your makeup then washing feels like such a chore! This is so far, the best wipes I have tried. I still have several more, to try, but so far, this takes the cake. Unless something proves better, Would repurchase.

Blûm Naturals Daily Cleansing Towelette: This was ok. Nothing great, nothing horrible. Probably would not repurchase.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (Combination to Oily) - Light: Still my favorite bb cream. It's not greasy/oily, provides nice sheer coverage and the colour is perfect. I will repurchase.

Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes: These are super handy to have. While it's not something I use on a regular basis (I only use my makeup on myself), it's great whenever I get items from a swap with friends. I'd buy the small pack of wipes and get the spray.

So there we have it! In a few weeks I'll have September's empties up. If you follow on instagram, you know that I have a little challenge/project that I've been working on, so stay tuned as that'll be up soon.



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