July 13, 2016

Healthier Nails with CND

No denying it, I've struggled with my nails my entire life. They break, split or peel frequently and seem to take forever to grow.

Recently, I was introduced to items from CND. Dubbed "The Rescue Kit", I've been using these products for about two weeks now and I've already noticed quite the difference with my nails.

The CND Cuticle Eraser has got to be my favourite of the three. Doesn't matter how beautiful our manicure is, if your cuticles and surrounding skin is always dry and cracked, it ruins your manicure. The Cuticle Eraser can turn that around. Used once a day, this miracle worker is massaged into the cuticles and surrounding skin to exfoliate and hydrate the dry skin. With AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), it doesn't use micro-spheres like a face exfoliator.

Using the CND Cuticle Eraser with a cuticle pusher has kept my cuticles looking flawless and healthy. I'm pretty sure healthy cuticles promotes nail growth. By the way, clipping or trimming your cuticles is a BIG NO NO! Your cuticles are the end of your skin. When you cut or trim your cuticles, you're allowing bacteria to possibly get in, which can lead to infection.You don't want that. Stick with a cuticle cream like CND Cuticle Erase and a cuticle pusher.

The CND Solar Oil is a fan favourite and one of mine now as well. The jojoba oil helps the vitamin E penetrate deeper. Not only does this oil help reduce signs of aging around your nails, continuous use drives the oil and vitamin E deeper into the nail, which helps create healthier and stronger nails. I like using this first thing in the morning before my hands touch water. That way, the first thing my cuticles are absorbing is the Solar Oil as opposed to water (in case you didn't know, water is bad for your nails). Did I mention that it smells like almonds? Mmm.

If you're on the hunt for stronger, less brittle nails, the CND RescueRxx is here to help. With jojoba oil and Keratin protein, the RescueRxx is applied directly to the nail, once or twice a day. If your nails are in bad shape, I suggest twice a day until you see desired results, then once a day for maintenance. This can be pretty hard when you're used to painting your nails often. If you can go two weeks without painting, use this twice a day. Even one week will help. And I don't care what people say, you can't apply a treatment over your polish. Nothing penetrates nail polish, so it doesn't get to the nail bed where it's needed (which is why many Muslim women don't wear polish). Exception to this might be the Inglot O2M polishes. So, if you're wearing polish, try to apply a little under the free edge, where it'll at least do some good and immediately after removing polish. Try to go without polish at least overnight so it can do its job.

Keratin is an essential protein for hair and nail growth. For nails, it helps reduce the white spots and splitting/peeling. After two weeks, I've noticed that the newer growth that's surpassing my fingers (aka, the free edge) is actually tipped white as opposed to pretty see-through.

While I don't have fully new nails, I'm already seeing vast improvements while using these three products from CND.

*Products were provided for consideration. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I tried these products too and didn't see the kind of effects from the RescueRX treatment you did. that said, I think any moisturizing oils are better than nothing and I'm really happy with how both that and the solar oil penetrated my nails and cuticles.

    Great review!

    1. Maybe it depends on the condition of your nails to start off with? Mine were horribly bad. But I agree, any moisturizing oils is better than none!

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  3. I love the the CND RescueRxx !

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