June 15, 2015

Mani Monday: Father's Day NailArt (Guest Post)

Hey Everyone!

It's Miranda, from Miranda Loves and this year, Samantha's letting me use my love of polish and creativity talent to guest post for her Mani Mondays to show a unique Father's Day nail. 

When I was planning what to do, I thought, Father's Day - most people will either draw a tie, or a golf course on their nails. I admit, I was almost leaning towards drawing a tie as an accent nail, but I wanted to be more creative and I got to thinking...My favorite memories with my dad are when we would go travelling. 

Together with my mom, we have traveled to many countries/cities including, but not limited to, Rome, Israel, Egypt, Paris, London, Hong Kong, China, to name a few. To cherish these moments, I decided to come up with a nail art centered around travelling. 

Left: With Flash / Right: Without Flash

Products Used are:
1. Chanel - Summer 2015 Limited Edition in Vibrato
2. Tenoverten -  Ludlow
3. Nails Inc - 45 Second Caviar Top Coat
4. Essie - First Timer
5. Pure Ice - White

​I used a toothpick to create the art on my nails as dotting tools would have been too big.

Thanks Samantha for hosting me! I look forward to all our collabs to come :)
Until next time - XO, M.

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