June 08, 2015

Mani Monday: Baby Blue Nails

Went to a friend's baby shower last weekend and wanted to do my nails based on that. Since she's having a baby boy, I decided to go with blue nails with a little something extra.

Using Blu by Zoya as my base colour, I then stamped some cute baby pins from my Cici & Sisi stamping plate on my ring fingers and middle fingers. I didn't want them to pop out, but be a little more subtle, so I decided on using OPI Alpine Snow, Julep Claire and Ceramic Glaze Santorini Blue.

The end result were baby blue nails that everyone thought were cute (and a few who laughed at me for theme-ing my nails, oh well!)

Hope you enjoyed!

1 comment:

  1. Aww these are super cute! And a great design for a little boy's baby shower. Boo to those people who laughed at you theme-ing your nails. I themed my nails for a girlfriend's baby shower once. I think some of my friends would be surprised if I did NOT theme my nails for special occasions, lol!