February 19, 2014

Influenster #Mysterybrand VoxBox

I've been having mail issues the past few weeks, so after hunting down the post office that had my mail, I finally received a few packages, including my Mystery Brand VoxBox.

L'Oreal, who owns over 25 global beauty companies, has teamed up with Influenster to give us a sneak peak at their newest product line to help repair damaged hair. The catch? We don't know the brand!

Friends of mine in a facebook group have received these products before I did, and posted the little card we got in our package online. I googled the Phyto-Keratine Complex and Cupuacu Butter ingredients and came up with Garnier Fructis' Damage Eraser. This guess made me happy because I like Garnier and love that it's an affordable brand.

"We all want beautiful, healthy, shiny hair - yet flat irons and blow-dryers traumatize hair, causing some serious damage! But never fear, our new mystery product is here. Specially formulated to reconstruct hair's strength by 90% from root to tip, it repairs hair & prevents further damage. How does it work? The mystery product contains damage-fighting Phyto-Keratine Complex and Cupuacu Butter."

Before knowing that I got accepted into this program, my hair just got a good 2 inch trim to get rid of all the split ends. Too bad because this would have been a great test!

We received three 50ml bottles, one shampoo, one conditioner and one split-ends serum and they each smell heavenly! The box stayed beside me on the coffee table while I watched a movie and that's all I could smell. I couldn't wait to try it!

First time I tried it: Shampoo lathered nicely, conditioner seemed thicker than a regular conditioner, and the split-ends serum applied like a dream (this was used after showering). Because I was in a rush that morning, I put in some curling product and let my hair do it's own thing. I don't know if it was the curling stuff or if it was a combination of the new products I received, but my hair looked great. Couldn't smell much of the shampoo/conditioner/serum, but that might have been because of my curling product.

Second try: Shampoo lathers a lot and the conditioner is definitely thicker - it's almost like a butter (a little thinner). While my hair was air drying a little before getting blow dried, I thought my hair felt a little dry. Had to remind myself that I didn't put any oils in like I normally do. Then when I blow dried my hair, I thought it looked a little weighed down. Once it was completely dry (before using flat iron), I noticed I had less fly-a-ways and my hair wasn't as "wooly" as my previous hair dresser would have said. It felt soft to the touch, was not dry at all, and had a nice, healthy shine to it. Last time my hair looked this good, was after I came back from the hair dressers. As for the smell, still can't smell a whole lot.

So far, this is a winner in my books.



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