December 01, 2013

Saving Lip Pencils

Now that I partially have internet (thanks to a tablet and Starbucks), I can get back to posting! Hopefully I'll have things up on a regular basis.

For today, I decided on a quick post that will hopefully help some of you keep more of your favorite lip pencils (unfortunately, I don't think this would work for lip liners).

This may be common sense to some people, but I know many of you may not have thought about doing this. Each time you sharpen your lip product, you lose quite a bit of still good product. Get a small container from a craft store or the dollar store, a toothpick or something similarly as small and transfer the sharpened product into your container. The shavings should easily come away from the product making it easy for you.

The amount that you save might be quite surprising. You now have many possibilities with your saved gloss/coloring.

1. You can use it as is with a lip brush
2. Why not mix two different colors together to make a new color
3. Carefully melt a plain lip balm and add in a bit of coloring. You'll now have a tinted lip balm (be sure to let it solidify for several hours before using it)
4. Make your own lip balm by mixing in your saved product with bees wax (or any food grade wax), a little shea butter, add some sort of oil (almond, jojoba, etc.). you'll have to melt everything together (do not boil) and transfer to a container and let it solidify before use.

Hopefully this will help prolong the life of some of your favorite or discontinued lip pencils. Let me know if you found any other ways of reusing your saved product.



  1. very clever! This is why I only buy the twist up lip crayons though :)


    1. Most of mine are twist ups as well, but there are a few that I just completely fell in love with the colour (and the price!) and just had to have them.