July 28, 2013

June Ipsy

I look forward to getting my Ipsy bag in the mail every month. This month I checked my glam room first and was disappointed. I was still optimistic though, thinking that I'll just love it anyways once it arrives.

I was wrong.

The items are not horrible, just, not to my liking? I think I may just be at the point where I'm over these beauty boxes. I love getting stuff in the mail, but these subs are just not cutting it anymore. Which is way, it is with a heavy heart that I say this is my last Ipsy bag. I have one Starlooks box coming this month, and that'll be the end of all my beauty subs.

So, onto the items I received!

The bag: Clear, plastic, pink. It smells like plastic and looks like one of those cheap pencil cases. I don't like this bag at all.

Coola Face SPF 20 (unscented) - 7ml:  This is a mineral sunscreen and moisturizer. I'm happy that it's unscented, however SPF 20 is quite low. I tend to burn easily, so I prefer something that's minimum 30. 50ml = $36. Approx  value: $5.04 

BH Cosmetics California Collection - sample of 3 colours: BH Cosmetics has three new palettes out: San Francisco, Hollywood and Malibu. Each of the colours we received are from a different palette. The purple is very subtle. I would have much preferred if it was almost as dark as it looks in the pan. The brown & the gold are quite nice. I've never tried BH Cosmetics before, however I have looked on their website before. I don't remember seeing anything listed at full price. You always seem to "Save XX%". I'm going to say that the full size is only $9.95, which brings the Approx value: $1.50

Nailtini  Nail Lacquer in Mai Tai - 15 ml (full size): This is quite the coral colour. This is one item that I'm actually happy I received. Full size: $13

Big Sexy Hair: Weather Proof (50ml):  I was a little disappointed that I didn't receive the texturizing beach spray as I love using those. However this Weather Proof spray is a humidity resisting spray, and it has been pretty humid lately. When it's super humid, I'm not usually outside, so the humidity doesn't affect my hair a whole lot. I guess I'll have to test this out or just swap it. 3.4oz is about $18.95, so Approx value: $7.80

Pop Lip Crayon in Coral Crush (full size):  I'm really just guessing that it's full size as it's usually sold in a pack of 6 for $25 with no details in regards to the size. I'm at a point where I already own so many different lip crayons (among other lip products) and I'm not a fan of coral on my lips, that this is going straight for a swap. Approx value: $4.16

Total approximate value of the bag: $31.50

Bonus Item:  I received the Nicole by OPI for having a few referrals last month. The colour I received was Perfect in Plum, which is from the recent Selena Gomez collection. I'm personally not a big fan of this colour at all.

So there you have it, July's Ipsy bag. Not horrible, but not one that I'm super excited to have received. Receiving this bag has made it a little easier to unsubscribe. I will be honest though, the value is there, and they do have some great bags. I still highly recommend this subscription vs. just about any other ones out there. I'm just at a point where I can't keep up with everything I've received and would like to save some money.




  1. I know how you feel. I too am slowly becoming over these beauty boxes. I'm still an Ipsy fan, only because I find their bag the most practical of all the subs Ive seen. But I also sub to Julep and Black Box and Im cancelling both of those.

    I think for the price Im paying Ill just pay that money towards actual products I want, and still follow some Ipsy blogs just to check and see what products & brands came with it to still learn new brand names.
    I did like this bag, but it didn't overly WOW me either.
    Great blog post though.

  2. aww that is a bit sad about being over them but at the same time good for your budget. I am new to beauty blogging and beauty subscriptions, so I'm actually really excited to give ipsy a try. hopefully for september! I'm sad to miss out on the urban decay lipstick though, that's awesome.


    1. Not everyone's getting the Urban Decay lipstick. However I tried it in stores, and I think I'm regretting not buying it! It's honestly amazing!