July 06, 2013

June Empties

With the summer months among us, we tend to use less products. That in turn means that there is less empties for me to show you this month. It's a little sad that these were the only items that I was able to empty. However, two of the items are everyday items that I now have smaller samples to use up. Which means I'm slowly going through my stash. Yay!

Sephora Instant Refreshing Toner: I've used toner since I was a young teenager and use it everyday, twice a day. I love the spray on the bottle, it doesn't have any strong smells, it doesn't sting, I feel comfortable using it on my entire face, including (cleaned) eyelids. I believe this was about $13, however I can't find it on their website anymore. I may look into drugstore brands depending on price difference. However, I would definitely repurchase.

Sephora Instant Eye Makeup Remover: This doesn't work so well against stubborn mascara or hard to remover eyeliner. I usually use the Waterproof remover, however this came in my Christmas stocking from the man. He was so proud of himself. He got the waterproof one last year, so when he went into the store this time around, "the girl at the cash was surprised at how quick I grabbed what I needed without help". I decided that since my stuff wasn't waterproof that it wasn't going to be a big deal. I've learned that my liner & mascara are super stubborn and I do need waterproof remover. - I would purchase again - just the waterproof remover instead.

Cargo LashActivator: I have fallen in love with this mascara. I get nice length, a little volume, no clumps, the brush is awsome. However I think it retails for about $35. For that price, I'll have to stick with Lancome's mascara during GWP.

L'Occtiane Fabulous Serum with Shea Butter: This was ok. I'm not a fan of serums. It seems like regardless how long I wait afterwards, my moisturizer always pills. I can't stand it. - Would no purchase.

Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector: This stuff worked alright on it's own. I've used it alone and it helped brighten up my skin a little with barely any coverage. If worn under my foundation, it didn't make much of a difference. - Would not repurchase.

July will possibly another slow month for empties. But I'm aiming for more than 5!




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  2. Great empties. It can be hard to get through enough products for sharing in a post! Good luck this coming month.

    Ps. Love the new look of your blog!


    1. Thanks Ashley :) It's still under construction, but it's at a decent point where it can stand on it's own without me feeling embarrassed that it's not done yet.