May 12, 2013

Ask Cosmetics - Prize Winner

About a month ago I entered my name into a Mother's Day contest being held by Ask Cosmetics. Two weeks ago I got an email that I was the lucky winner!

My winnings! (not shown is the shampoo)
The prize was a lovely assortments of their products, valued at approximately $250. Not only did I receive everything above, but so did my mom! Ask Cosmetics is located in Burlington, so I was able to pick mine up as soon as I got back from visiting my parents. The shampoo wasn't ready when I picked it up so that'll be coming in the mail. (I was excited to try the TIPS asap so I was ok with waiting for the Shampoo)

Here's what's included: 
Revival Hair Conditioner - 240ml
Revival Daily-Use Shampoo - 240ml
Revival Skin Conditioning Milk - 120ml
Revival Skin Conditioning Milk - 60ml
Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser (and pump) - 240ml
Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser - 60ml
Revival Nail Polish Remover - 120ml
Revival Nail Polish Remover - 60ml
Revival Styling Creme - 120ml
TIPS Nail Conditioner - 5ml
TIPS for Toes - 9ml
Contour Nail File
A crazy nail clipper (toes)
A nail cleaning brush (under your nails) and spatula (to scoop out creams so you don't 1. get it under your nails 2. don't contaminate your cream
Two clear cylinder bags
A smaller cylinder bag
A black travel bag

Wow! That's a lot of stuff!

So, what exactly is Ask Cosmetics? 
"ASK Cosmetics Inc. is a privately held company that manufactures and distributes innovative solutions for nail, skin and hair care." They are based in Burlington, Ontario. They are often seen on The Shopping Chanel and are mostly known for their product called The Incredible Protection System (T.I.P.S.). This nail treatment helps strengthen brittle, dry, peeling and cracking nails, all while keeping your nail flexible.  Also, with all of their products, they only use ingredients that do not cause any danger, harm or damage to the body.

The company has nothing to hide. Ingredients are on their website and if you need to call them, you're getting someone that actually works there. Not in a call center in the middle of nowhere. But an actual person that works in their office.

Not bad eh?

Over the next few weeks I'll be using the products that I received and I'll report back on my adventures! I've already been using the TIPS for Toes for nearly 2 weeks now, but that's for a different post.



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