January 03, 2013

Topbox: December 2012

I almost didn't post this. That's how disappointing this box was. But, I figured I might as well show you how bad it was.

I'll be honest - I've seen the different reviews about the various Topbox's this month and I was disappointed. But, I did keep an open mind and told myself that it can't be all that bad. After all, the hair products looked alright.

My box arrived 4 days later than it should have (no surprise there, and I don't blame Topbox at all for this!). When I got home, I ripped into it and was horribly disappointed. So much that I'm not going into the details that I normally do. Actually, I'll still do the break down of cost. I'm curious about this.

First disappointment: Pangea Organics Facial Cream. Nigerian Ginger with Lavender & Thyme. I got 2 packets, each containing 2ml. I thought Topbox prided themselves on Deluxe Samples?  These are like mail order samples, or samples that you get from walking into a store and they want you to try their new product. 

Ferro Cosmetics Blush X3. The colour's ok. Wouldn't use it as a blush and if I wanted to, the jar's too small for that. The jar is decent size, for shadow pigment, however the amount is very small. If I were to take a guess, jar's 5grams and we got maybe 1gram. (If anyone remembers the days of me experimenting with making eye shadows, this is very similar to a shade I've created)

Next dissapointments are the Goldwell products. First was the size of them. When I seen the pictures posted by others, I thought they were decent sizes, like about the size of my Beauty So Clean brush conditioning sprays. I was wrong. The larger of the two samples, is half the size.  One's a "Hot form spray" and the other is "Sleek perfection". One's a serum for silky straight hair, the other's a strengthening styling lotion. Honestly, not much of a difference to me.

Math time!

Ferro Blush X3 retails for $17 for 4grams (OUCH!). I'm guessing we got about 1 gram, so approx $4.25
Goldwell Hot Form Spray retails for $20.95 for 150ml, got 30ml so $4.19
Goldwell Sleep Perfection retails for $20.95 for 100ml, got 20ml so $4.19
Pangea Organics retails for $38 for 60ml, got 4ml (total), so $2.53
Total: $15.16

Wow. Paid $13.56 for this.... I'm going to stick around to test out the new Privé Box that they're putting out in January, but overall, I do think I'll be quitting Topbox. I've already got a new sub in the works. One that I think I'll be much happier with.



  1. Oh no .. my value was disappointing too, ended up being like $3 worthy of products I can use, since I can't use the kellett sample, and dont like the chloe sample I got. I valued the goldwell product a lot lower because I saw it on beautybay for $10, I wish I got the pangea cream though! I really hope the prive box is much better..

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. Topbox has been lousy the past little bit (December being the worst so far I think). I've heard scary things about the Kellett sample, so I wouldn't use it either. Even if the Prive Box is better, I already cancelled TB. The Prive will be my last.

  2. Yes...this month was rather sad. Out of 3 boxes I've received so far I've only like one. I would have cancelled but of course...like a sheep I have to see what the Prive box is all about. :/

    1. I know what you mean Aleks. Since I get billed before I get my box (so billed for jan before I get dec box, etc), I already cancelled TB, that way I still get the Prive Box, but I wont get the temptation of "what if" for future boxes

  3. uughh i agree with you completely - Topbox definitely let me down last month. i really hope this Prive box is all that it's made out to be

  4. I am so frustrated with TB. Considering 2 of my samples were listed as free not for retail, the value of my box was about 4 dollars. I am looking forward to the Prive box, but i have already cancelled my sub with Top Box.

    1. I did the same thing. Prive will be my last. I'm thinking of either Ipsy or Lip Factory next...possibly, Glossybox, but with their latest mishap... We'll see