January 11, 2013

Boxing Week Haul

I had to wait until I had everything before I posted this.

Here's my mini Boxing Day/Boxing week haul!

3 China Glaze Nail Polish: $2.26 (total, not each!)

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien: $6.37
(btw, I already read it years ago, but lost my copy. The movie made me want to re-read!)

- Lancome La Base Primer
- Essie Magnetic Nail Polish
- Revlon ColorStay Lip Butter
- Annabelle Twist-Up Lipstick Crayon
- EoS Lip Balm
- Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner
$24.73  (purchased during a bonus redemption day)

Total spent: $33.36

I think I did good!


  1. 2.26 total?? that's crazy!!
    i think i should reread the hobbit too! what color of the Annabelle lipstick crayon did you get?

    1. yup! Got them during Topbox's sale, they were $12 and I still had my $10 off coupon code :) For Annabelle I picked up the colour Tease. I'm planning on doing a review in the future. Possibly next month.

  2. You did do well!:) Redemption days are the best days! That's a steal for all those products. *sighhh* I wish it was still boxing day.

    1. They sure are! I've recently read about some tricks to earn more points (like buying a SDM gift card (you apparently earn point for that purchase) and using the card to make your purchases (so you in turn earn double the points!). Just do it on separate days. Looking forward to hopefully earning more points this year for better redemption days!

  3. I love China Glaze, good deal on the polishes! I am saving up for my next redemption... only 150,000 more points to go till I go buck wild at Murale ;)

    1. I need to find my way to a Murale. Never been. But it does look amazing online! Maybe that'll be my next redemption place!