October 01, 2012

FLARE World Runway Tour - Burlington (part 1)

If you've been to the Mapleview Mall in Burlington in the past few weeks, you may have noticed the sign below for a Flare World Runway Tour. I checked it out online and decided I was going - with a friend or alone!

This fashion filled evening with FLARE and TRESemmé was $32 per person and included:
- Fashion show featuring pieces from the Mapleview Mall
- Hair touch ups by TRESemmé
- Hor d'oeuvres
- Drinks by Cointreau
- Swag Bag
- 1 Year FLARE Magazine subscription
- And part of the proceeds went to the Heart & Stroke Foundation's The Heart Truth  (I think it was about $20 from each ticket)

A little about the Heart Truth:

" The Truth.. is it's the #1 killer of women.   Heart disease and stroke kills more women than all cancers combined. But we can change this.  The Heart and Stroke Foundation's The Heart Truth campaign is raising awareness of women's risk for heart disease and stroke and spreading a lifesaving message to empower women to protect their heart health."

You can visit facebook.com/thehearttruth  or visit thehearttruch.ca to learn more.

The Event: September 27, 2012

When I found out that this was sold out and at the Burlington Performing Arts Center, I didn't know what to expect in terms of size; but when we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised! Roughly 200 people.

We were each handed our lanyard which were numbered and included our ticket for door prizes and two drink tickets each. We had the choice of two signature Cointreau cocktails created for the event.

We had the opportunity to have our picture taken under the FLARE headline and our hair touched up by TRESemmé stylists.

While the time was limited for the hair touch ups, my stylist added a little volume and some waves. I'm happy I took my picture before as I didn't care much for my hair afterwards. There was just something about it..

Waiters and waitresses walked around with various hor d'oeuvres (salmon tartare, braised beef bisque sliders and mushroom soup espresso to name a few), bottles of Bottle Green Water all while people mingled and looked at the various displays from Sephora and Kohls and the iPads showing slideshows of clothing and accessories.

Our host for the evening was the wonderful Elizabeth Cabral, Fashion Director for FLARE. She was sweet, funny and insightful.

So, here is what we learned about this fall's fashion trend!

Eastern Promises


The Mood: "Undoubtedly a response to growing global superpowers, the style compass pointed east on many key runways. Trends traveled from the Chinese Year of the Tiger and Coromandel motifs all the way to reinterpreted Japanese sumo and geisha codes, and even into former U.S.S.R. czarina territory via Uzbekistani paisleys and Russian tapestry prints"

My thoughts: I like some kimono prints and I do like the Mandarin collar, but not so much the whole tapestry thing. It's not something that I really like or would wear, however I don't mind it mixed in with a little boho and subtle pieces.

Opulence in Overdrive


The Mood: "Never has the expression "more is more" felt so right. Taking a turn for the decadent, maximalist creations literally dripped in opulent beading, baroque bijoux and sparkling surface embellishment. Assertive shapes and abbreviated hemlines kept the look in-line, while nonchalant styling had the air of easy Parisian soiree dressing" 

My thoughts: Crystals and feathers and embroidery, Oh My! Maybe for a night out, mixing one or two embellished pieces, but not this over the top. I will say though, what they did pull from the mall wasn't too bad. The runways really had it over the top! 

Precious Hues



The Mood: "Jewel tone-on-tone looks worn top to toe proved that all that glitters isn't just gold. Shimmering ruby, emerald, amethyst and sapphire had all the impact of last season's flashy neon brights, albeit with a decidedly more regal air."

My thoughts: I love these rich, royal hues! While I may not do all one hue, or colour blocking head-to-toe, I do love it as a full dress or one simple piece.


The Mood: "Suit yourself in witty, tailored patterns, the more outré and oddball the better. Think 70's wallpaper prints for wandering-about days and statement raw silks for evening debauchery. Just don't forget the dandy's secret weapon: eccentric finishing touches, from a mad-cap chapeau to a dapper platform brogue"

My thoughts: I love these feminine (and masculine) suits, but don't care at all for this 70's wallpaper look. Maybe a very small print, but I don't see these big prints lasting much past the season.


The Mood: "This season, the name of the game is spirited sweaters. Thickly knit and often belted or moulded to the body, they combined cosy with covetable. The best part? Most were so substantial that they eliminated the need for an oft-cumbersome coat. Talk about knits with benefits."

My thoughts: Knit sweaters are comfy, but wouldn't go knit sweater with a knit skirt. I used to own a knit sweater (didn't we all?) and I may still have it. I'm digging this. Just not knit-on-knit.


The Mood: "Last season's flirtation has grown into a full-blown affair with the peplum. Bursting from virtually every runway, this beguiling flourish gave a shapely allure to whittled pencil skirts, ladylike jackets and dramatic evening looks. From moulded ruffles to swinging godets and clever removable peplum belts, the options were seemingly endless for those who dared to wear this couture-tinged style."

My thoughts: This may be good for those who may not have the curves or the straight up-and-down body types. For those that have hips, this may be overkill. I think I will try to find a peplum shirt or belt to try it... and see how bad it is.

Leather Lovers

The Mood: "It's official: Leather is fashion's current MVP. It popped up in styles as diverse as sweetheart patent dresses, mannish tuxedo trousers and sporty down-filled jackets, and the subliminal message spelled tough luxury. Metallic, glossed or lacerated treatments even played look-alike in new techy synthetics that mimicked the real stuff's uncanny edge" 

My thoughts: All my friends know I love my leather jacket, specially in fall! So while I wont go get leather pants or a full leather dress, I may look into a dress or skirt with some leather accents, leather boots or even some nice leather gloves.

Vampire Glam

(See the last image in Leather Lovers)

The Mood: "Judging from the plethora of blood-red, gothic looks and sinister styles this season, it's clear we're not the only ones who have been bitten by the vampire bug. With their powerful, sexy and immortal qualities, these moody creatures of the night seduced designers to spin out plunging dresses, hooded cloaks and slit-to-there styles in a Twilight palette. Just try and resist."  

My thoughts: With the sexy-ness of this style, I would say more True Blood than Twilight.I do like the gothic-ness. Mixed with some leather, this an be very secy, but have to be very careful with Halloween around the corner. Don't over do it and this might be very tough to pull off at work.

Beauty Trend & Swag Bag will be in post 2. Stay tuned!



  1. Loved your insight on the event and we're glad you enjoyed yourself!

    xoxo Mapleview Centre

    1. Thanks! My friend & I had a great time - Hopefully this will be a yearly event.