July 17, 2011

True Blood Sneak Peek

I've been such a bad hostess. I haven't posted in about 11 days! Ok, maybe that isn't too bad. I've made a couple shadows since last time and I've also gotten my hands on the Tarte for True Blood Palette and Lip Stain. So while I will not go demonstrating my new shadows and how they look on, I just took pics of them for now. Also, I didn't plan this ahead of time, therefore was not able to take good pictures of the True Blood Palette. So for now, You're just getting a sneak peek at what's coming tomorrow!

Here are some of the new colours I've made recently:

And a sneak peek on the Tarte for True Blood Palette:

Somehow while browsing online, I found a "which True Blood character are you?" quiz. Here's my result

So tell me, Who did you get?

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