June 21, 2011

Will Sell...

I just want to let everyone (yes, all 5 of you) that I will eventually be selling the eyeshadows that I create. Once I get a good variety going, I'll be posting them to sell. For now, it's just as I go and use them. So, if there's a colour you want me to try to create, let me know! Leave me a comment, send me a message on facebook, or even text/email/msn me if you're one of my close friends!

Don't forget, feel free to ask me questions! I'll answer them as best as I can :)



  1. It's awesome that you make your own pigments! Are you going to sell them loose or pressed?

    1. I'm so sorry for taking long to reply! Going to sell them loose, however I'd like to try pressing them in the future