January 11, 2017

Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Swatch & Review

The name Charlotte Tilbury is practically a household name in the beauty world. She's well known for her work with various models, photographers, magazines, fashion shows, her YouTube channel and most recently, her line of makeup.

I highly suggest watching some of her YouTube video's. There's some great tutorials, you get to listen to her lovely accent and it gives you a nice insight to her personality & her passion.

Being so well known in the beauty industry, it's no surprise that she took great care and pride in creating her own line, starting with the packaging. The cardboard packaging that the items come in is a beautiful oxblood red and rose gold. It's a beautiful combination that carries onto the packaging of the items themselves. The same colour scheme flows onto the eyeshadow palettes and the rose gold carries onto the gloss tube lid.

The Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita features 4 complimentary shades that can bring your look from desk to disco.

The colours don't have a name, but rather go by what they do. Prime. Enhance. Smoke. Pop.
Prime is the champagne colour, used as an all over shade and excellent as a highlighter as well. Enhance is a beautiful metallic red/copper, used to bring attention, or enhance specific areas. Love using this blended into the crease upwards. It draws attention and looks beautiful on blue eyes. Smoke is actually on the bottom right and is a deep brown with a faint hint of gold. An excellent colour to add definition and create that smoky eye look. Last, but not least, is Pop, which is a copper glitter and totally gorgeous!

Each of the colours (to the exception of Pop), is buttery smooth and applies easily with a brush. Pop on the other hand, I found applied better using my fingers to tap/press onto the lids.

This palette is perfect to pop in your purse when you're going straight from work to going out. Charlotte Tilbury has a total of 9 quad palettes, each of them with an iconic look that the artist has created.

A duo that I've fallen in love with, is the Lip Lustre lip laquer in Seduction and the Lip Cheat lip pencil in Pillow Talk. Those names just go hand-in-hand, and so do these colours!

 Lip Cheat is the perfect pinky-nude lip liner. It doesn't drag/tug when being applied, but it's also not super soft where it's going to smudge and smear all over. It creates a nice barrier for lipstick and a lovely base for glosses. Available in 10 colours, I recommend looking at swatches online or to go in store since the zig-zag colours on the website seem to be a little off.

Lip Lustre in Seduction is a semi-thick gloss that's semi-opaque and works beautifully with Pillow Talk. The gloss actually lasts for several hours (I counted 4 hours, including water-drinking) and isn't sticky. Available in 10 colours, including some stunning nudes, reds and a sparkly gold.

I'm completely in love with this set, specially the eyeshadows. All of these products were featured in my New Years Eve look that I posted on Instagram. Here's another look:

A full how-to on this look to come!

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  1. I love this look. I find charlotte Tilbury products so luxurious! Love them great blog post.