September 25, 2016

Lip Oils: Worth the hype?

One of the biggest lip trends this year are lip oils. With so many companies coming out with these oils, from Hourglass to Physicians Formula, they're hard to miss. But are you missing out?

Remember these from the dollar store?

The debate whether a lip oil should be in my makeup bag was an ongoing battle. Was it going to be thin and runny, like putting olive oil on my lips? Maybe it was going to be like those old school rollerball lip glosses, thick and goopy. Needless to say, there was a skeptic deep down inside of me that was doubting these lip oils.

Then something happened: after attending the viewing of the newly released essence products (stay tuned for those), there was a new essence Prettifying Lip Oil in my gift bag. Still on the train on my way home, the essence prettifying lip oil was quickly applied to my lips. It's now a stable in my beauty routine. Didn't see that coming!

Created with the highly beneficial jojoba oil, the essence Prettifying Lip Oil leaves your lips feeling moisturized and leaves a light gloss behind. Jojoba oil contains vitamins A & E and is a natural antibacterial. It's useful against wrinkles, stretch marks, dry skin and even age spots. It's a good ingredient.

This lip oil feels like a cross between oil and a lip gloss. It's thicker than oil, but doesn't have the tackiness that some glosses have. When a drop was placed on my hand, it was easy to spread it and my skin actually absorbed it. Didn't feel a need to wipe my hand to clean it. So while many lip balms are created with bees wax or other wax substances that stay on top of your lips, this will actually nourish your lips and help smooth chapped lips.

That's right, a solution to my terribly chapped lips has been found and it's less than $5! It's great as an overnight treatment, or whenever your lips are dry and need that extra boost of moisture. It seems to last about 30 minutes on the lips during the day, and a little longer at night. Nothing better than waking up with soft lips!

This licorice/cotton candy smelling oil has the slightest bit of colour that doesn't really show up on my lips. But that's OK since it's not being used for colour anyways.

Available in 3 colours/smells, the essence Prettifying Lip Oil is exclusive to Loblaws and retails for $3.99.

Have you incorporated lip oils into your beauty routine?


  1. I love this lip oil but it's never in stock at my Shoppers Drug Mart. I got min at Generation Beauty for ipsy

    1. Unfortunately they're exclusive to Loblaws. I have seen them at the Great Canadian Super Store.

  2. I'm a huge fan of lip oils - the YSL ones are my favourite but they are so expensive I don't want to use them every day lol. I'll have to check Superstore to see if they have any!