April 23, 2016

Alphatbet Nails: A is for Abstract

 The other week, a fellow blogger mentioned that she had seen this cool idea and was going to start it herself as well. Talks started, and next thing you know, there's a couple of us taking part in this!

Alphabet Nails!

What we're doing is going through our nail polish collection, and using items that start with that week's letter, going through the alphabet from A to Z.  Picking a nail polish who's name starts with that letter is what I'm ultimately aiming for, but you can also use a brand that starts with that letter, or even a theme.

Unfortunately, I already had my nails done and my polishes did not start with the letter A. Instead, I came up with "Abstract". It kind of works, and it allowed me to stay on track. FYI - I'm posting this nearly a week late.

To create my Abstract mani, I used:
  • Nail HQ Ridge Filler base coat
  • CND Vinylux in Wisteria Haze
  • MoYou London in Classic Lipstick
  • MoYou London Fashionista stamping plate 11
  • CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat 

I love the Vinylux formula. Glides on well and opaque in two coats (can do 1 coat if you do it thick). My topcoat's gone goopey, so it gave me a little bit of a problem, but it turned out well. Needless to day, it's being tossed. But I think I have another un-opened one hiding somewhere around here...

Now to go through my polishes and see what letters I'm missing!


  1. Ohh love the colours and pattern you chose!!

  2. Love the colours!
    My top coat just went goopy suddenly too, I was in Shoppers yesterday but completely forgot to pick up another ugh

    1. I hate that! I'm lucky I had a backup of that particular one, so I'm good for a bit.