March 07, 2016

Mani Monday: Nude Lace

nude lace nail art

Over the weekend I attended a Jeans & Jewels gala hosted by the Arthritis Society to raise awareness of Arthritis. Dress code called for jeans and a little bling on top.

Jeans are never an issue with me, neither are blingy earrings or necklace. I wanted a little more, and since I don't own any finger bling, I decided to incorporate rhinestones into my nail art.

nude lace nail art

I immediately decided on a nude-ish colour with black lace stamping.

The stars were wet n wild One Step Gel Nail Polish in Stay Classy and Moyou London's Black Knight.
For the stamping plate, I used Born Pretty Store plate BP-20.

nude lace nail art

I used two different lace images, the one on my accent finger being slightly different as it had a bit more of a flower design and used the rhinestones for the centers.

nude lace nail art

Unfortunately, I ended up with only one flower on each nail, so not much rhinestone bling there. Oh well! Still loved how they turned out!

I forgot to take a picture before I left, but when I got home (7 hours, 1 dinner, 4 drinks and talking all night), my makeup and lipstick were still looking great! I only remembered to take a picture after I took out my extensions, earrings and necklace. Oops!


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