December 05, 2015

MoYou London Now in Canada

MoYou London, Nail plates, stamping plate, nail art

MoYou London is a UK based company dedicated to making your nails look awesome. With a variety of stamping plates and polishes, you can make your manicure look like a salon pro did it.

Their are currently over 30 themes with an astounding total of over 500 stamping plates. Themes like Tropical, Gothic and Festive are just the tip of the iceberg. There really is something for just about everyone!

MoYou London, Nail plates, stamping plate, nail art

Up until now, us Canadians could only get our hands on these MoYou London stamping plates by purchasing them online. Through the MoYou London website, they are £4.99 (approx. $10) plus shipping. You can get free shipping on orders over £15, however you need to be willing to wait 14-28 days from time of shipping to receive your order.

Now Canadians can purchase MoYou London plates from Trade Secrets, online and in stores! While they currently only carry about 9 different plates and 4 different starter kits, you can get the satisfaction of seeing them in person and actually taking it home with you as soon as you've paid.

I've purchased the Fashionista plate in store, and since then, they no longer have my 04 Fashionista plate, but instead a different plate! So it seems like they're either not putting out all the same themes at once, getting new stock in, or just testing the waters and seeing how well they'll do!

MoYou London, Nail plates, stamping plate, nail art

MoYou London now has starter kits available. These kits are also available at Trade Secrets  for $29.95 and include 1 stamping plate, 1 nail polish, 1 stamper and 1 scrapper, as well as a set of instructions. Individually, these items would cost you approx. $40.85.  

Individual plates at Trade Secrets are $13.95 + tax, which worked out better than a single plate  + shipping with today's exchange rate, purchased at MoYou London online.  If you plan on purchasing multiple plates, or want a plate that's currently not being sold at Trade Secrets, I would advise buying it from the MoYou London website.

I personally have a hard time waiting for packages to arrive, so you'll be seeing me at Trade Secrets at least once a month now!


  1. I picked one up in the store. I don't stamp, but I really want to. It always looks amazing!