February 08, 2015

Valentines Day Nails

Next Saturday mark's Valentines Day. A day where roses are more expensive, chocolates are around every corner of the food stores and love is in the air.

Some women expect the whole nine yards on this day. Others are happy with staying in and cuddling while watching their favourite movie. Regardless of your plans, you want to look polished, and there's no better way to complete your outfit or pull everything together than a nice Valentines day mani.

You can go the simple route of just plain reds or pinks, but Miranda (Miranda Loves) and I have teamed up to bring you 4 manis that aren't as boring.

For those of you who like the girl colours and really into the whole Valentines Day thing, we have a pink nail with red hearts. I was inspired by the pretty polka-dot nail art that I seen around. Looked much better in my head, but the idea's there. I did these on my own nails (As you can see, my nails are short, stubby, wide and weird shaped. There is no winning with these nails of mine)
Of course, if that's too much going on for you, here's a lovely alternative from Miranda. I highly recommend her hearts vs my hearts!

Not everyone's into the pink & red. so here's some alternatives to those girly nails.

I wanted dark, but I I still wanted something a little Valentines Day-ish. So I put a matte topcoat over my black polish and used white to write Love on two fingers and a little heart on the thumb nail. It has a bit of a chalkboard feel to it.

Miranda, feeling the same vibe as me and wanting something a little darker, went with a plain black mani. However, it still ties in with the theme! She used one of the blacks from L'Oreal's Dark Side of Grey (their version of 50 Shades...) And if you haven't looked around you, everything 50 Shades of Grey is coming out right now, including the movie on Feb 14.

So there you have it. Some lovely manis to inspire you for Valentines Day. Which would you choose - light and girly? Or dark & sexy?

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