January 01, 2015

Happy New Year & my beauty Resolution

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and are recovering from any New Years festivities!

Over the past month, I've realized that my stash isn't getting any smaller. On the contrary, it's actually getting bigger. Much bigger. So I've decided to try to do something about it this year.

#1 -Take Inventory
I'm honestly scared of this, but I know it's going to be needed in order to track progress.

Sneak Peek of my Inventory so far...

#2 - Set a goal
Once above list is compiled, I need to knock down some items. Without seeing this list, I'm going to aim for finishing 2 lipsticks + 2 lip glosses (I have lots and this will be a tough one!), then there will be skin care in there for sure. Maybe finish 2 face creams and washes or something. Like I said, this list will need to be made once the above list is done.

#3 - Try not to buy anything
This will be almost impossible, however I have been getting much better in the past few years (ie: I can walk out of Sephora without buying anything)!

And another resolution is just to just eat healthier. I'm not going to say something like "loose X amount of weight", because that doesn't work. I'm going to eat healthier, go for regular walks with the dog (puppy = short struggling walks, by the summer she should hopefully be good) and see where that takes me.

So there you have it! Once I have my first and second lists made, I'll be sure to share with you.

What's your 2015 resolution?

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