December 18, 2014

The final week of Nail Art with Miranda

Hard to believe we started this 5 weeks ago. It really seems like yesterday Miranda & I were just chatting about it, getting our themes in place, and now, Christmas is next week.

 NEXT WEEK! Can you believe that?  I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around it myself.

Holiday Characters have been on my mind since the day we put this together. I was eager to get this one started!

I couldn't decide on just one, so I went with 4.You can wear them all together, or you can just do one of the characters as an accent nail, etc.

I really enjoyed doing this set. The Santa hat was a tutorial I found here.

 I tried to make Rudolph's nose look glowy by using red sparkly polish. I think it worked.

Go take a look at Miranda's nails!  Our Rudolph are almost identical! Except both of ours have eating disorders (mine's chubby and she thinks her's is a little anorexic ;)  )

From our family to yours, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and an amazing New Years!

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