November 27, 2014

Holiday Nail Art Collab: Week 2

This week's theme for the collaboration with Miranda is Holiday Treats.

I decided to go with my boyfriend's favorite treat, candy canes. I also included a cute sugar cookie star. While sugar cookies are not my favourite, they're so good and I look forward to them every year.

Tools of the art:

- OPI Alpine Snow
- essence Oh My Glitter
- Revlon Casino Lights
- Zoya Blu
- essence Pearls
- Dotting tool
- Stripping tape

The yellow & purple (with some white) formed the light brown for the sugar cookie and the dotting tool was used to apply the pearls.

I attempted to paint some candy cane stripes, but quickly learned that I suck at it, so I taped over it. If you look at the thumb, you can see a bit of red under the tape. Oh well.

I'm very adamant about cleaning my makeup brushes. This is my fav scent!

Make sure you check out Miranda's blog for more pictures of her nails!

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