April 15, 2014

Nail Treatment Review

Oh! Hey there blog! Haven't forgotten about you, just been busy.

Busy is more like equal parts busy and lazy. Lazy from being stressed. Buying a house is no walk in the park. But, the good news, we get the house in just over two weeks! Time seems to have flown by.

So to keep myself from pulling all my hair out, I've been watching lots of Dexter (I only discovered around Christmas and I'm now at season 7), played and beat Lego Marvel Super Heroes with the bf (seriously addictingly fun game) and Pinterest. I think my "home" board went from maybe 30 pins, to 229. Check it out if you want some ideas - For the Home and feel free to follow any of my boards!

In between trying to do everything, I've had the chance to review a couple items.

The first thing is this prize pack that I won back in February.

The foot peeling pack I'm super excited to try, but I'm saving it for a friend's wedding next month. I'll keep you posted on that.

The brush and the hanger thing were pretty useless. The hanger didn't stick to anything and the brush was very thick and soft. Trying to wash my face did nothing (I use the Sephora Precision Pore Cleaning Pad) and after rinsing it and letting it dry, it didn't feel the same.

The Nail Therapy was pretty interesting.
The box contains 5 packs, and each pack has these little finger mittens for each of your fingers. You leave them on for 30-60 minutes and it's supposed to give vitamins to your nails and help them stop splitting and peeling. And since I stopped my beloved TIPS nail treatment, I needed this!

You gently pull them apart and each little mitt has a cream formula that treats your nails. Fingers fit nicely into each one. They say you can type and read a book and do whatever while wearing these.

Typing, while possible, proved hard as it seemed like I always had to pull them down/get my finger back to the tip to get it to feel snug and like it wont fall off. I'd suggest to do this while watching a movie. Just try not to eat popcorn.

I had them on for about 40 minutes, and it was ok. I didn't notice any major difference with my nails, but multiple treatments are probably needed. I did notice a small difference with my cuticles. Below you can see a before & after.

Again, not much of a difference.

I'm not sure what the price is on this, but I can say that I wouldn't purchase these. The cuticles look good for a short period of time afterwards, but the splitting and peeling nails didn't improve and I have a sure way to remedy that - but that's for a different post.



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